Medical care

Completed in November 2010: The Sixth People's Hospital (kitchen equipment, kitchen cabinet ventilation)
Completed in January 2012: Jinshan Hospital of Fudan University (equipment, ventilation)
Completed in May 2012: Pu Mental Health Center (ventilation)
Completed in December 2012: Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center
Completed in December 2013: Baosteel Hospital
Completed in July 2014: Shanghai Minimally Invasive Medical Devices (Group) Co., Ltd
Completed in December 2014: Hehuang Pharmaceutical
Completed in May 2015: oriented medical care
Completed in November 2015: East China Hospital
Completed in September 2016: Traditional Chinese Medicine Characteristic Building of Shanghai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital
Completed in April 2018: Shanghai United Family Pudong New City Hospital
Completed in July 2018: Qingpu Central Hospital Kitchen Project