Shanghai Fuyi Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd. is a unit permitted by Shanghai Gas Management Office to produce, sell, install and maintain kitchen equipment, and has undertaken various kitchen engineering projects; In order to improve the service and enhance the enterprise brand, we hereby make the following commitments on the quality and service of our products:
1、 Product quality commitment:
1. The kitchen equipment produced by our company is strictly in accordance with the industrial standard of urban construction of the People's Republic of China CJ/T 451-2014 General Technical Conditions for Commercial Gas Burning Appliances and the local standard of Shanghai DB31/T 300-2009 Technical Requirements for Safety and Environmental Protection of Gas Burning Appliances, and is completed through professional design and first-class processing technology. All ex factory products have been strictly inspected and tested. The product quality, performance, safety and environmental protection indicators meet the regulations and requirements of Shanghai Gas Management Office, and the ex factory pass rate is 100%.
2. The stainless steel plate used for kitchen equipment produced by our company is the "Posco Plate" produced by Zhangjiagang Posco Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., and the brand is SUS 304. Our company refuses to use 201, 202 and other materials to replace 304, and will not reduce the thickness of the material at will. We provide customers with brand new products to ensure that the equipment and accessories are correctly installed, reasonably used, operated and maintained, and that the equipment operates well within its service life.
2、 Warranty period commitment: the warranty period of all self-made parts ("Fuyi" brand products) is five years; The warranty period of purchased parts (equipment) shall refer to relevant national regulations (according to the contract). During the warranty period, our company will be responsible for free maintenance; The warranty period is valid from the date when the kitchen equipment project is completed and accepted.
3、 Service timeliness commitment:
1. Repair on the same day, repair on the same day, life-long maintenance and service.
2. After sales service of products is not subcontracted.
4、 Service objective: no defects in service, 100% satisfaction of users
5、 After sales service terms:
1. During the warranty period, we will install and debug products for customers free of charge, and provide technical guidance and training on use and daily maintenance according to customer requirements.
2. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for free product maintenance. For any defects and failures caused by defects in design, installation and materials, our company will respond immediately after receiving the customer's notice. Within 2 hours of self-made products, our company will send professional maintenance technicians to the site for maintenance services, replace defective parts or complete machine maintenance, and complete the repair within 12 hours. And according to the actual needs of customers, special cases should be handled.  
3. During the warranty period, our company, based on the principle of "customer first", delivered the completed project for use
In the initial stage, a professional visit will be made every month to understand the use of the project and take the initiative to solve the customer
For problems encountered in use, a visit will be made every quarter after half a year or after the customer's equipment is in normal operation to ensure the normal use of the customer's kitchen equipment.
4. During the warranty period, our after-sales maintenance technicians will go to the site once a month to conduct a professional level inspection and maintenance on the kitchen equipment, and timely replace or repair the parts found to have hidden trouble, so as to ensure the normal use of the kitchen equipment. During each patrol inspection, the electrical part of kitchen equipment shall be inspected, and the electrical components that do not meet the use requirements shall be replaced in time. After maintenance and inspection, make relevant records, one copy to the customer and one copy to the after-sales service center for filing.
5. During the warranty period, our after-sales service center will pay attention to handling customers' letters, visits and telephone complaints, and answer customers' inquiries. At the same time, collect customers' opinions on product quality in various ways, and make timely improvement according to the situation.
6. During the warranty period, we will also be responsible for the repair (appropriate charges) of any equipment failure or damage caused by improper storage, use and maintenance of the customer, damage caused by the customer's own disassembly, or damage caused by force majeure.
7. During the warranty period, the after-sales service of the equipment purchased on behalf of the manufacturer in the sales contract is managed by us. After receiving the service call, our company is responsible for contacting the manufacturer for door-to-door service, which is a one-stop solution. The customer does not need to worry about the intermediate link. If the manufacturer does not respond immediately and provide door-to-door service in a timely manner, the after-sales service center will immediately send our company's professional maintenance technicians for door-to-door service.
8. After the expiration of the warranty period, our company is only responsible for the supply of paid spare parts for self-made products and paid maintenance services for "repair". Respond immediately after receiving the repair call. The self-made products will arrive at the site for repair within 2 hours, and the repair will be completed on the day of the repair call. However, the cost of accessories and corresponding labor cost shall be charged for door-to-door service, and reasonable labor cost, machine shift cost and transportation cost shall also be charged for handling, hoisting and transportation of large products.
9. Before the expiration of the warranty period, customers are advised to evaluate the operating cost of kitchen equipment, and sign a "Kitchen Equipment Maintenance Project Agreement" with our company in due time, so that your kitchen equipment assets (self-made/purchased equipment) can continue to receive professional preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
10. Emergency plan. During the warranty period or the maintenance contract period, our company will
That is to start the emergency plan:
a. If the kitchen equipment sold by our company has gas leakage, the customer must immediately close the valve at the input end of the equipment, stop using the equipment, and the security personnel shall monitor the site. After receiving the repair call, our after-sales service center will immediately upgrade, and the maintenance technician will start at the first time to rush to the site for repair.
b. The kitchen equipment sold by our company has a failure (not a simple failure), and our maintenance technicians cannot repair it that day (within 12 hours), while the customer will cause food deterioration and other losses (such as refrigeration equipment) if the equipment is stopped, or other equipment failures that seriously affect the customer's kitchen operation. If the customer has no spare equipment to solve, our after-sales service center will upgrade according to the customer's requirements, Provide free weekly transfer to the customer immediately, and ensure the customer's use before proper maintenance.
c. In case of large-scale activities, important reception work, water and electricity rescue and accidents held at the customer's office, our after-sales service center will upgrade according to the customer's needs, and send one or two professional maintenance technicians to the site as required by the customer to ensure the normal operation of the kitchen equipment.
d. In case of gas equipment, electrical equipment, ventilation and smoke exhaust equipment failure at the customer's place, and the existing maintenance technicians have no time to go to the site to deal with it, if the customer requires immediate door-to-door service, the after-sales service center shall immediately upgrade and deal with it, mobilize the company's backup resources (engineers in the engineering department, technicians in the production workshop), and the engineers shall lead the team to the site for maintenance.
6、 Service resource guarantee:
1. Our company has set up a fixed after-sales service center in the Shanghai manufacturing plant. The address is No. 8, Huancheng Road, Qixian Industrial Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai.
2. The after-sales service center's telephone number is 021-57578088/57575480, and the maintenance technician's telephone number for emergency contact is 13611911661 (Master Chen). 24 hours online, all year round.
3. The company uses CAXA collaborative management system to manage after-sales service information and data. Customer information, equipment files, equipment spare parts, and maintenance records can be queried immediately and managed clearly to meet the preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance of customer kitchen equipment.
4. The after-sales service center of our company is equipped with 4 special maintenance vehicles, and the on-board spare parts box is equipped with various maintenance spare parts and complete maintenance tools and instruments. Ensure that door-to-door service is available at all times.
5. Professional installation
There are 6 maintenance technicians, with the engineering technical engineer as the support for technical support.
6. It has a spare parts warehouse of 1000 square meters, which stores all kinds of equipment maintenance spare parts to ensure the supply of spare parts for equipment maintenance. Even if individual product models are upgraded, spare parts meeting technical requirements can still be provided within 5 years after the production of prototype products is stopped
7. Self made and purchased equipment such as gas equipment, electric heating equipment, refrigeration equipment, food machinery, etc. are equipped with a certain amount of safe stock to ensure that there are enough rotary machines for emergency use by customers at any time, and can also meet the needs of customers' kitchen operation under special circumstances.
7、 In this market, we rely on the "professional, honest and pragmatic" foothold, after-sales service commitment, we do what we say!
Supervision telephone: 021-57578088/57575480 (transferred to the General Manager's Office)